Oct 302011
A_stack_of_newspapers (author: Daniel R. Blume, licensed under cc-by-sa-2.0) Daniel R. Blume CC BY-NC-SA

After a few hours work, my blog is now multi- (or rather bi-) lingual. Of course I didn’t go through the trouble of translating all articles and pages – I’d be busy for a week doing that. But at least the blog is now (apart from a few small remnants) – not mixed German and English, but only one of those depending on the user’s default language.

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Apr 012009

I finally came around to update my gallery so that it now includes all the photos I had on my original page. This led directly to a split between the wallpapers and the photos section, because it simply got a little cramped on the gallery page.

I also moved all the 4:3 sided wallpapers to ‘Older images and concept art’. While there are some among them which I do still like, that format is simply outdated. I’m thinking about re-rendering those in 16:10, even if I have to admit that this format isn’t very becoming for some of the images.

Last but not least, I have added support for Colliris PicLens. Even if the Colliris plugin is not installed (which I would advise you to change), it is a definitive improvement over the visualization modules built-in to the gallery module.

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